The Cause of the Freedmen

December 30, 1864

“The abolition of slavery in this country is the release of a population as large as that of all New England from a tyranny which crushed all the rights and claims of human nature at a blow; which left to its victims nothing but the capacity to suffer, and the absolute duty to be submissive to their pretended owners as though they were created to be ‘yoked with the brute and fettered to the soil…emancipation, therefore, meets them just where slavery leaves them – in need of everything that pertains to their physical, intellectual, and moral condition…… we regard the various Freedmen’s Associations now in operation as trustworthy mediums, and deserving of general encouragement in proportion to the catholic spirit in which they are organized……in this connection it is due to the American (Boston) Tract Society to say, that it is largely concentrating its means and efforts for the elevation of the liberated bondmen, and adapting its publications to their understanding and needs with excellent judgment, on a liberal scale…”

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