The “Mud-Sill” Speech by Sen. Hammond

The April 9, 1858 Liberator, under the column  Refuge of Oppression quotes from Senator Hammond, South Carolina.  In this speech the Senator claims that Slavery Makes the South Strong.   Here are some extracts.  “…the great strength of the South arises from the harmony of her political ans social institutions.  This harmony gives here a frame of society, the best in the world … in all social systems there must be a class to do the mean duties, to perform the drudgery of life  …that is a class requiring but a low order of intellect and but little skill  …Fortunately for the South, she has found a race adapted to that purpose to her hand.  A race inferior to herself, but eminently qualified in temper, in vigor, in docility, in capacity, to stand the climate, to answer all her purposes.  We use them for the purpose, and call them slaves ….”

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