To President Lincoln

On February 13, 1865, in a letter to Lincoln, Garrison acknowledges receipt of Lincoln’s letter, in which the President has thanked Garrison for  Carleton’s painting, “The Watch-Night, or Waiting for the Hour”, which Garrison had sent to him.    “…God save you, and bless you abundantly!  As an instrument in his hands, you have done a mighty work for the freedom of millions who have so long pined in bondage in our land  — nay, for the freedom of all mankind.  I have the utmost faith in the benevolence of your heart, the purity of your motives, and the integrity of your spirit.  This I do not hesitate to avow at all times.  I am sure you will consent to  no compromise that will leave a slave in his fetters.  It is slavery that has brought this dreadful war upon us; and only through liberty will Heaven vouchsafe to our distracted and bleeding country peace.  Vast and solemn are your responsibilities; and you need and deserve whatever of comfort, encouragement and support can be given to you….”  (readdinggarrisonsletters)

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