Traffic in Slaves and Souls of Men….(also good Bacon and Bricks)

From the New Orleans Picayune, listed under the Refuge of Oppression column in the Liberator, May 25, 1849, there is  listing of seven notices of Slaves/Negroes for Sale.  Here is one announcement — “Nineteen Negroes — Consisting of 3 men, 3 women, and 13 small ones. At the same time and place, I will sell three thousand pounds of good Bacon, and a quantity of good Brick …M. Paton, Administrator”  Here is another one — “About 35 mules and horses, 7 yoke of oxen, cart, wagons, timber, wheels,  FIFTY-TWO NEGROES,  including blacksmiths, carpenters….”

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