Tribute to Benjamin Lundy

A long tribute to Lundy, includes a section telling of Garrison’s relation to him, an excerpt of a speech by Lundy, an Obituary, and quotes from previous Liberator references in praise of Lundy.  Here are some excerpts:

After including a speech of Lundy’s, the editor comments:  “Such was the indomitable spirit, the rare devotion of Benjamin Lundy.”

The editor comments that Lundy knew “how essential to the awakening of a lethargic nation was a regular anti-slavery periodical.  It was for Lundy to place a just and sagacious estimate upon the all-shaking power of the press.”

“He not only neglected to advocate the doctrine of immediate and unconditional emancipation, but treated it as visionary, up to a comparatively late period.  Hence the vitality of the monster SLAVERY  was not reached by any of his darts……”

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