Twentieth Anniversary, American Anti-Slavery Society

SECOND DECADE ANNIVERSARY of the Formation of the American Anti-Slavery Society ! “It is almost twenty years since the American Anti-Slavery Society was organized by a Convention held for that purpose in the city of Philadelphia.  How eventful is the history of the Society and of our country during this period! … Happy would it have been for our country,  and O, how happy for those who now pine in bondage! if the voice thus lifted up in the name of Justice and Liberty had been heeded and obeyed.   But, alas!, the American People, like Pharaoh of old, hardened their hearts, refusing to obey the mandate of Jehovah…. But notwithstanding these developments of national profligacy , we are far from being discouraged.   Indeed, we see in these developments a sure sign of progress, and a pledge of final success.  We have compelled Slavery to exhibit itself in its true character before mankind … we must go forward, regardless of every obstacle, and undismayed by every danger that may beset our path….we hereby invite the members and friends to assemble in Sansom Street Hall, Philadelphia, on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, December 3d, 4th and 5th, to celebrate the Twentieth anniversary of its Formation….” (Liberator, October 28, 1853, pg 2)