Warning against “compromisers” at the 1860 meeting of the Anti-Slavery Society

The April 13, 1860 Liberator announces that “The Twenty-Seventh Annual Meeting of the American Anti-Slavery Society will be held in the city of New York, at the Cooper Institute, on Tuesday and Wednesday, May 8th and 9th, commencing each day at 10 a.m. … “We trust it is needless to remind the members and friends of the Society, that never were greater vigilance and activity demanded on their part than at the present time.  The nation is just entering into another Presidential election, which will probably be unparalleled on the score of popular excitement, and which will present a powerful temptation to many to swerve from the strict line of rectitude, by lowering the Anti-Slavery standard for the sake of party success.  ‘Let the dead bury their dead.’  Let us eschew all compromise and compromisers, and be faithful to our rallying-cry,  ‘No Union with Slaveholders’ “

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