“We will rock Faneuil Hall” (NE Anti-Slavery Society formed)

On a stormy evening, January 6, 1832 Garrison and others gathered in the African Meeting House, culminating a series of meetings, which here led to the formation of the New England Anti-Slavery Society.   Twelve persons signed the organization constitution that evening. “Garrison rejoiced that , at last, his solitary efforts would be reinforced by an organization.  The twelve founders  constituted not only an apostolic number for preaching, he thought,  but a proper-sized jury, ‘to sit in judgment on the guilt of the country’.  Walking out into the storm, Garrison looked up at the building and then gestured eastward over the  brow of the hill toward the city’s center.  ‘Friends, we have met tonight in this obscure school-house’, the apostles remembered him saying, ‘ but before many years we will rock Faneuil Hall’.”   (All on Fire, by Henry Mayer, page 131)

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