Western Reserve Anti-Slavery Society


On the day succeeding the late commencement of the Western Reserve College at Hudson, Ohio, a meeting was held, at which an Anti-Slavery Society was formed on the principle of total and immediate emancipation.  The friends of colonization having been apprised of the movement beforehand, attended the meeting and proposed the formation of an association to be called, ‘The Western Reserve Anti-Slavery and Colonization Society’.  After an animated discussion of three hours; continuance, the colonizationists, failing to accomplish their object, withdrew. The friends of abolition then adopted a constitution, and elected the following officers:

Elizur Wright, Esq, President,  Dr. Orestis K. Hawley, Vice-President    Rev. Henry Cowles, Cor. Secretary,

R.M. Walker, Recording Secretary,   Owen Brown, Esq., Treasurer

Counsellors: Rev. Jacob Baily,   Woolsey Wells, Esq.   Rev. Daniel Miller,  Rev. Nathaniel Cobb,  Dr. Wm. N. Hudson,

John M. Sterling, Esq.,   Lucretius Bissell,  Rev.  John Montieth,  Riverius Bidwell, Esq.

The constitution was signed by about seventy individuals.

(Liberator, September 21, 1833, pg 3)