“Who Will Carry the Proclamation?”

September 6, 1861

The article is by “C.K.W.”, and is written in response to a correspondent of the Independent, who has “argued against a proposal that the President proclaim freedom to the slaves of those who are now in armed rebellion against his government.”… After almost two columns of discussion, the writer commends the fact that in Pennsylvania and “further West, they are circulating for signatures a petition” which is addressed to the President, which says,  “…believing Slavery to be the great cause of our existing national calamities,” the petitioners,  “earnestly desire that it be immediately abolished, by Presidential Proclamation, under the War Power.”…”Ought not this to be the request of Massachusetts also?…Why should not this very petition be circulated thoughout New England, joining our voices to that of the Western friends of liberty?”

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