William Cooper Nells’s Work

January 21, 1853

Readers have called to their attention the second edition of Nell’s Services of Colored Americans in the Wars of 1776 and 1812. Notices are carried in the Practical Christian, the Boston Atlas, The Boston Herald, and the Boston Times, all included here. Part of the editor’s introduction includes thanks to his “highly esteemed colored friend, the author”, and also says:  “Let the Abolitionists read it, to quicken their zeal in pleading for 3,000,000 of imbruted people, full of capabilities to be useful to themselves and their country, if they had one. Let those who have despised, and contemned, and trampled on ‘niggers,’ just read it, and blush for shame. Let all colored people be sure to read it, that they may know how to respect themselves, and act accordingly.”

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