William W. Brown to his master

December 14, 1849

Writing from London, Nov 23, 1849, Brown addresses his former master, Capt. Enoch Price, of St. Louis, Mo.  His closing paragraph includes:  “I will not yield to you in affection for America, but I hate her institution of slavery.  I love her, because I am identified with her enslaved millions by every tie that should bind man to his fellow-man. The United States has disfranchised me, and declared that I am not a citizen, but a chattel: her Constitution dooms me to be your slave.  But while I feel grieved that I am alienated and driven from my own country, I rejoice that, in this land, I am regarded as a man.  I am in England, what I can never be in America, while slavery exists there.   Sir, you may not be pleased with me for speaking to you in so plain a manner; but in this I have only done my duty.  See that you do yours!.”

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