World’s Convention proposed

It is expected that during the week of the non-resistance meeting, on the 21st and 22nd of September, a meeting will be held on further measures to call a World’s Convention, to discuss the subjects of human rights in all their bearings…. Much interested is manifested on the subject in this country and in England.   The article notes that a committee has been appointed to “consider the subject of human rights in all its bearings  — what they are  — the present condition of mankind in respect to them — the causes of their violation  — and the means of their restoration and protection…”    Committee members include William Lloyd Garrison, Nathaniel P. Rogers, Maria W. Chapman, Robert Purvis, Lucretia Mott, Wendell Phillips, Henry C. Wright, Samuel J. May,  William Bassett, Edmund Quincy, and Charles B. Burleigh   (Liberator, August 27, 1841, pg 2)

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