1006 Anti-Slavery Societies nationally

Anti-Slavery Societies

We find appended to the Fourth Annual Report of the American Anti-Slavery Society, a list of all the Anti-Slavery Societies in the United States, as far as they have been reported at head quarters.  The whole number is ONE THOUSAND AND SIX.   The list is imperfect, yet in its present state, it is sufficient to fill the southern regions with consternation  — but it falls far short of the truth, as to the growth and strength of the abolition cause, though it occupies 18 pages in small type!  The number of societies, whose members are reported, is 607, leaving 399 from whom no returns have been made. The number of members belonging to these 607, if our hasty enumeration be correct, is 55, 790, averaging about 90 to each society.  (Then shows numbers by states)

(Liberator, August 4, 1837 , pg 3)