Riot and Arson in Philadelphia

From the Philadelphia National Gazette   RIOT AND ARSON IN PHILADELPHIA

We have received an account of a riot which took place last evening outside of the large new building called the ‘Pennsylvania Hall’, lately opened in this city for scientific and political discussions and lectures, including the discussion of the question of ABOLITIONISM…….  Last evening the hall was crowded with about three thousand persons, to hear a lecture by Mr. Garrison and others.

At the close of Mr. Garrison’s address, a mob outside was very noisy.  Mrs. Maria W.Chapman, of Boston, then addressed the meeting for several minutes.  She was followed by Mrs. Angelina Grimke, Weld, Lucretia Mott, of this city, and Abby Kelley.   In the mean time, the mob increased and became more unruly, and threw various missiles at the windows: no further injury was done than breaking the glass, as the blinds inside protected the audience………………For the present, Philaelphia has been sufficiently disgraced by a single riot.

                                                            (Liberator, May 25, 1838,pg 2)