This seems to us a contradiction in terms, and yet we are assured, on the very best authority, that there are scores of such in many of the towns in Massachusetts!  Is it possible ?  Lazy abolitionists!  Who are they, and how may they be known? ………..It appears that there are two kinds of abolitionists — the industrious and the lazy.  How shall we distinquish them? …….The industrious abolitionists may be known by their activity and zeal in circulating petitions, and the lazy ones by their indifference to this object.   The former class has for its watchword, NOW ! the latter are, saying, NOT JUST YET !  In some towns, we are told, the lazy ones are the predominant class, and in such places nothing has been done to circulate petitions!  Nor is laziness confined to men.  We are told that the women, in various places, are infected with it!  Is it possible?

READER !  are YOU, a LAZY abolitioinist?

                                        (Liberator, August 11, 1837, pg 3)