John Hilton calls All to Great Faneuil Hall Meeting

THE GREAT FANEUIL HALL MEETING    Friends of Freedom, awake! and come to the meeting to be held in Faneuil Hall, on Friday evening, March 5th.   That untiring and devoted son of Liberty, William C. Nell, has sounded the trump of freedom for you to rally.  Yea, rally, and commemorate the massacre of 1770, when Attucks fell, and bled for Liberty!  Come, listen to the eloquence of Phillips, Parker and Remond!  Come to the charms of music – participate in the refreshments  — and view the relics of  by-gone days!   Come one, come all! Rock the Cradle of Freedom, and render this an occasion to be remembered.  JOHN  T. HILTON

              (Liberator, March 5, 1858, pg 3)