For “Northern Scoundrels”

Chivalarous Sentiment in Delicate Expression.   The New York Evening Post, has drawn down upon itself the indignation of a Copperhead screamer, who is probably a southern gentleman doing business in that city.  Here is his communication:

New York, August 1, 1864 –To the Evening Post   Permit me to call your attention to the enclosed about the starving rebels:   They were imposing on the battle field  In the column of brigades the enemy marched with flaunting standards and flashing arms with steady tramp, defiant union and rousing vivas.

Now you miserable Yankee scoundrels, who cowardly burn up everything you must get a chance at, what say you to the above?  And will you tell me that a high toned honorable set of people like the Souther’s (despite their politics) want to make a treaty with Norhtern Scoundrels, thieves and pickpockets?  What are you fighting for, but Cotton, Tobacco and Rice — and you miserable  Cowards you import foreigners to fight you battles.    — A Man Who has a Sincere Contempt for your Duplicity

            (Liberator,  Aug 12, 1864, pg 3)