179,000 ladies sign petition in England — a challenge to New England


We are inclined to think, that there must have been a mistake relative to the number of signatures attached to the huge petition referred to by Mr. Garrison in one of his letters from England. The mistake, however, can hardly be supposed to have originated with Mr. Garrison, as he derived his information from the English papers. A petition, containing the names of 179,000 ladies, was presented on the 14th of May in the House of Lords, by Lord Suffield, and in the House of Commons by Mr.  Buxton.

Why cannot a hundred and seventy-nine thousand ladies be found in New England, during the present year who will sign a petition for the abolition of slavery in the District of Columbia?  Suppose we try the experiment!

                                                   (Liberator, August 10, 1833, pg 3)