A “Political” Anti-Slavery Party Convention

The Liberator of May 25, 1860 includes a notice of this meeting to be held at Mercantile Hall, with date and time.  The purpose is to form a “Political” Anti-Slavery Party, and “to take such other political action as may be deemed advisable.  The question to be addressed is not only about the question of negro bondage, but is to feature the “political” implications of slavery.  Several paragraphs are devoted to naming the “political” reasons related to the Constitution, to traditions regarding the revolutionary period, to Bunker Hill, to the purely “political” aspects of slavery.    Names of signers include  S.S. Foster, W.W. Thayer, Jas Redpath, J.W. Brown, Bela Marsh, Nath’l T. Allen, and Richard S. Hinton.

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