A Pro-Slavery Catechism

Here are some sample lines which appear in this sarcastic sketch of a “Catechism”, in the Liberator, April 24, 1846.  The question, followed by the answer:

Who was the first Negro?  …. Cain

How did he become so? …The Lord set a black mark upon him.

Did the Southern slaves come from him? …. Yes

How did they get through the flood? …. O, No!  They didn’t come from him; they came from Ham.

How do you know that ? …. Because, Ham means black.

Upon whom did Noah pronounce a curse? …. Upon Ham.

Does the Bible say so? …. No; it says Canaan, but then it means Ham.

Does the curse make it right that the blacks should be enslaved? …. Yes

Why? …. Because it says they should be.

What does US stand for?   US

What does U.S.A. stand for? …. United Slaveholding America.

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