Accounts of the mob action against Garrison

The account is told in several books, much as told here.  There is an account from the  Boston Daily Advocate, and one from C.C. Burleigh, and other shorter comments.

There is a copy of a handbill which had been posted about the city on Wednesday afternoon, the day of the meeting at which this all occurred.

The handbill:
The Abolitionist

That infamous foreign scoundrel Thompson, will hold forth this afternoon, at the Liberator office,  No. 48 (sic) Washington Street.  The present is a fair opportunity for the friends of the Union to snake Thompson out!  It will be a contest between the Abolitionists and the friends of the Union. A purse of $100 has been raised by a number of patriotic citizens to reward the individual who shall first lay violent hands on Thompson, so that he may be brought to the tar kettle before dark.   Friends of the Union, be vigilant!

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