Anti-Abolition in Pennsylvania

(From the Harrisburg Keystone)


At an unusual large meeting of the citizens of Susquehanna township, Dauphin county, Pa. held agreeably to public notice, the object of the meeting was that since the school-house  is “the common property of the people of said township, it is the duty of said people to take care of the same, and their right to say for what purposes besides education, it shall, and shall not be used”…… Therefore,  “in no event shall they open the door to lectures on abolitionism, negroism, and amalgamationism,….that attempts to raise an excitement in Pennsylvania on the subject of an immediate abolition of slaves, have their origin among foreign enemies to the Union of these states, to  our republican institutions, and the tranquility of the people and to appear to our southern sisters as an enemy to their peace and rights, contrary to the principles and feelings of her citizens…..”

                                                                              (Liberator, March 18, 1837, pg 1)