Arrest and trial of Anthony Burns

ANOTHER  SIMS  CASE  IN  BOSTON — SLAVE HUNTING DEFENDED AT THE POINT OF THE BAYONET — CIVIL LIBERTY PROSTRATE BEFORE MILITARY DESPOTISM — MASSACHUSETTS IN CHAINS, AND HER SUBJUGATION ABSOLUTE — THE DAYS OF 1776 RETURNED.    “Since the Revolution of 1776, Boston has never witnessed such a popular excitement — the Commonwealth has never been so convulsed, through all the ramifications of society — as during the past week — and ‘the end is not yet’. Our limits leave us no room for comments — no room to record a tithe of what has transpired, to record which, in detail, would occupy a hundred column s. The facts must speak for themselves.   Then three columns of the “facts”  including the warrant issued by U.S. Commissioner Edward G. Loring, the arrest of Anthony Burns, apprehended at the corner of Brattle and Court streets. Burns conveyed to the Court House, where he passed the night in the keeping of the Marshal…. the trial, and postponement…A Faneuil Hall meeting, crowded beyond the capacity of the building, scenes at the Court House where Burns was held,   “a large body of negroes” storming the Court House, and attempting a rescue, the shooting of James Batchelder, “one of the hired assassins”,  and the doubts about how this happened….”       (Liberator, June 2, 1854, pg 2)