Beginning our Twenty-Third Volume, Jan. 7, 1835

We commence the Twenty-Third Volume of The Liberator in a new typographical dress, proffering to its faithful patrons the best wishes and most friendly salutations of the season. 

  Indirectly, but earnestly, we began to plead the cause of our enslaved countrymen as early as the year 1828.  At that time, we edited a paper in Bennington, Vermont, entitled the “Journal of the Times”, in the columns of which we constantly remembered their claims, and endeavored to awaken a public interest in their behalf.  The next year, we went to Baltimore, and became associated with the veteran Lundy in editing the ‘Genius of Universal Emancipation,’ – then and there unfurling the banner of immediate abolition…….On the first day of January, 1831, we issued the first number of The Liberator, without any list of subscribers, comparatively unknown and friendless……………….

                                               (Liberator, Jan 7, 1835, pg 2)