Burns restored to his owner

June 9, 1854

With its source not clear, under the title Triumph of Law, this notice says:  “It is with great satisfaction we announce to our readers the complete triumph of law in Boston over one of the most ferocious gangs of Abolitionists, black and white, clerical and laical, that ever disgraced the country…..”   Burns has been returned to his owner, Colonel Suttle.  “Burns is represented to be rather stupid, and will probably be better off with his master  than anywhere else. Certainly, he would not fare so well in the hands of the Abolitionists,  by a long way.  Col. Suttle is every where spoken of as a worthy and estimable man.  Had he been deprived of his property by an Abolition  mob, the excitement among his neighbors and friends would have been intense.  As it is, the affair has created no small stir in that quarter.”

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