Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, Charlotte Wilbour Call for Help


                                                                              of the

                                            WOMEN’S LOYAL NATIONAL LEAGUE 

The Anniversary of the Women ‘s National League will be held in New York, Thursday, May 12,  at the Church of the Puritans, at 10 o’clock, A.M. 

   Representatives from auxiliary Leagues, and all women who believe in a democratic form of government, are invited to attend. 

   The work of the hour is not alone to put down the rebels in arms, but to EDUCATE THIRTY MILLIONS OF PEOPLE INTO THE IDEA OF A TRUE REPUBLIC. Hence, every influence and power that both men and women can bring to bear will be needed in the reconstruction of the nation on the basis of justice and equality. 

    As the educators of future statesmen, heroes and martyrs, it is the duty of women to inform themselves on all questions of national life that they may infuse into the politics of the nation a purer morality and religion. 


Susan B. Anthony,   Charlotte B. Wilbour, Secretaries 

                                                                          (Liberator, April 15, 1864,pg 3)