Calvin Fairbank marriage

Rev. Calvin Fairbank, recently released from prison in Kentucky after a captivity of twelve years and five months, where he was confined for assisting slaves to escape, was married on June 9th, at Oxford, Ohio, to Miss Mandana Tileston, daughter of the late Cornelius Tileston, of Williamsburg. When he was imprisoned twelve and a half years ago, these parties were about to be married, and preparations for the wedding were made. Through all his long captivity, Miss Tileston remained faithful to him, and never relaxed her efforts to secure his release. She visited the Governor of Kentucky more than once, and personally pleaded that he be set at liberty. They were married in church, which was filled with spectators on the occasion, the public schools, in which Miss Tileston was a teacher being closed…….Mr. Fairbank came out of prison apparently a wreck, physically, but he has recuperated wonderfully since breathing the air of freedom, and is now quite well. He and his wife intend to reside in Williamsburg — Northampton (Mass.) Free Press

                                                                                       (Liberator, July 15, 1864, pg 3)v