Caution — person pretending to be Thomas Jones !!!!!!


      All persons are hereby cautioned against the imposition of WILLIAM JONES,  once a slave, who is going from place to place, collecting money, on the pretence of wishing to purchase his wife and children.  He was last heard of in N. Bridgewater.  He has collected upwards of $120, and can give no account of its appropriation.

Knowing him to have been a slave, and giving credence to other parts of his story, I was induced, in September last, to give him a recommendatory letter, which has aided him in raising the above sum.  ….A month since, I withdrew that letter, and warned him to cease his deceptions on the public.  But he has been false in this, as in other cases, and it now becomes my duty to give this publicity to his course, and to caution all persons against being further deceived by him.

P.S .  Let it be noticed that the above-mentioned person is not the Thomas Jones, from North Carolina, who spoke at the late annual meeting of the Mass. A.S. Society in Faneuil Hall, and who has recently published a brief Narrative of his experience in Slavery for forth-three years.

Boston, Feb. 22d        SAMUEL MAY, JR.

Liberator, Mar 8, 1850, pg 3)