Changes in Press about Slavery

CHANGES    The tone of the press concerning slavery is undergoing  a marked change.  The truths concerning it which the slaveholders themselves have forced upon our attention, are fast bringing forth fruit; and we now see in many papers such facts and such reflections as the following from the Transcript of the 2d inst.  The peculiar institution is doomed:      “A Noteworthy Anniversary.  Eight years ago today, Anthony Burns was delivered to his master.  Boston was the scene of great excitement on the occasion, and thousands of strangers flocked to the city to witness the novel spectacle of marshaling the power of the United States to return one fugitive to slavery.  We recur to the affair merely to show the changes which a few years have produced.  Burns had a memorable escort to the vessel which was to convey him to bondage.  Many of the military, who were ordered out to prevent his rescue by the populace, are now in Southern States, the masters of slave masters.”

                   (Liberator, June 13, 1862, pg 2)