Clerical argument about antislavery

Under Refuge of Oppression there is an article from the Boston Recorder, addressed to the Rev. Samuel Osgood, D.D., from Ralph Emerson.   Later in the same issue there is an item under the title, Clerical Cant, commenting on what has been an on-going argument between these two men in the Recorder.  Evidently, Dr. Osgood, of Springfield, has defended the anti-slavery movement, while Prof. Emerson, of Andover has assailed the movement.  There is here a comment, assuming it is from Garrison, but is not so signed, in which the writer refers to Professor Emerson.  “…we avow , that a more glaring exhibition of clerical cant, and spurious piety, and holy cunning, and crocodile weeping, and priestly insolence —- all about the awful sin of exposing the dumb dogs, and hirelings of the day, who refuse to open their mouths for the oppressed, and about disturbing the peace of those churches which recognize man-stealers as ‘evangelical’ Christians,— and we have never seen since we sounded the first note of alarm and warning in the ears of this infatuated and guilty nation.  “O, its offense is rank—it smells to heaven!'”

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