Colored Citizens respond to Mass. Court “School” Decision

Equal School Rights Meeting

The friends of this reform assembled at Belknap St. Church on Monday evening, April 22nd. … The decision , as rendered by Chief Justice Shaw, was read by the Secretary, and commented upon by several speakers. William C. Nell, in behalf of the Committe, submitted the following resolution:   “We have heard with surprise and regret the recent decision of the Supreme Court of the Commonwealth, in the case of Roberts. vs City of Boston; and with all due respect to that high tribunal, we still presume to think such cannot be the law, if  the Constitution of 1780 be the supreme law of the State. But whether this be so or not, we still confide in the Legislature ‘to establish justice’, in this particular, and save us from such mistakes, whether originating in that body or chargeable to the Bench; and to that end we pledge to each other our unceasing efforts, till the struggle results in victory.”
(Liberator, April 26, pg 3)