Colored ladies Fugitives’ Aid Society

The Fugitives’ Aid Society of Boston, an association of colored ladies, called a meeting of the colored people,Tuesday night at Rev. J. Sella Martin’s church, for the purpose of responding to an appeal made to them by the National Association of Washington, for help in their labors. Four or five barrels of goods were contributed, twenty-five dollars in cash were collected for this purpose. The church and society seem to be earnest about supporting the war and aiding its victims, whether white or colored, as beside what they did Tuesday night, they have contributed forty-five dollars in aid of our wounded soldiers. Any donations of money, or clothing of any kind may be sent to Mrs. J. Sella Martin, the President, at 26 Myrtle Street, or to the Treasurer, Mrs. Lockley, 31 Garden Street. — Boston Journal.                            (Liberator, October 10, 1862, pg 3)