Colored troops cheer President Lincoln

The President Cheered. During President Lincoln’s visit to Gen. Grant’s army:   “The noticeable feature of the ride was the passing of a brigade of negro troops.  The troops were lounging by the roadside, but seemed to know who was approaching.   They came rushing, and almost to the horses feet, by hundreds , screaming, yelling, shouting, ‘Hurrah for the Liberator’ ‘Hurrah for the President!’ and were perfectly wild with excitement and delight.  It was a spontaneous outburst of genuine love and affection for the man they look upon as their ‘deliverer from bondage’ and their wild huzzas were deafening.  The President uncovered his head as he rode through their ranks, and bowed on every hand to his sable admirers.”

                                           (Liberator, July 8, 1864, pg 3)