Congregational Ministers in New Hampshire, and women

In this convention there is a resolution affirming the importance of the AASS; the resolution is to be sent to the members of the churches, but there has been some discussion in the convention about the role of women.  The Editor comments: “Among those who responded to the call of the Convention , as ‘members of Congregational churches’ were thirteen WOMEN. This will serve to explain the reason why three clergymen were appointed to make out the roll!  Laymen could not be trusted to perform that delicate task!  Possibly they might make a philological blunder, by interpreting the phrase ‘members of Congregational churches’ so as to include women!  The presence of twenty slaveholders at their communion tables would not disturb the abolitionism of these clerical time-servers, half so much as the admission of one woman to membership in such a convention!”

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