County Anti-Slavery Society, Pennsylvania

Buckingham, Bucks Co., Pa. 7thmo.27th, 1836

Esteemed Friend, Wm. Lloyd Garrison:  “…there has been lately  an Anti-Slavery Society established in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  The number of members is about 25; we feel confident that our number will ere long be considerably enlarged.

The following are the Officers:

President — Richard Janey       Vice President – Mahon B. Linton       Recording Secretary  — Joseph Yardley

Corresponding Secretary – Wm. H. Johnson      Treasurer  — Wm. Bean

Executive Committee: Thomas Janey,    John Buckman,   Joseph Longshove, M.D.,    Joseph Janey,   Abraham Brown

                                          (Liberator August 20, 1836, pg 3)