Daniel O’Connell on American Slavery

May 11, 1860

Here are extracts from speeches of O’Connell.
“I am an Abolitionist.  I am for speedy, immediate abolition.  I care not what caste, creed, or color, slavery may assume.  Whether it be personal or political, mental or corporeal, intellectual or spiritual, I am for its total, its instant abolition.  I enter into no compromise with slavery.  I am for justice, in the name of humanity, and according to the law of the living God…..My soul object is to rouse the attention of England and Europe to all that is cruel, criminal, and in every sense of the word, infamous, in the system of negro slavery in North America.  … no American slaveholder ought to be received on a footing of equality by any of the civilized inhabitants of Europe.”

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