David Ruggles, blind, in need of money

David Ruggles  In the midst of the most active and successful efforts to assist the poor hunted runaways from southern plantations in their flight to Canada, this brave, bold, generous man was overtaken by opthalmy; and for a long time has been groping in blindness.  Recently he has had an operation performed on his eyes, and there is some prospect of his being again restored to sight….…But he is now an invalid, under medical treatment, and greatly in need of pecuniary assistance. Are there not those who will remember him in his adversity, and send him a token of their good-will and sympathy?  We shall be most happy to forward to him any donations that may be submitted to our care, at 25 Cornhill….…..He has assisted in securing liberty for a very large number of captives, and is only waiting for the recovery of his sight to prosecute his labors of love. Help him, ye who can!

                            (Liberator, Nov. 5, 1841, pg 3)