Death of Barclay Coppie (John Brown raid)

Washington (D.C.), Sept 17, 1861 —  Editor Liberator – The telegraph, to-night , brings me sad, sad news, in the record it makes of the assassination of an endeared and much-loved friend. It also bears its weight of sadness for all friends of impartial freedom, in the common bereavement it brings us in the death of the young, modest, brave and chivalric hero whose passage into the spirit land is recorded by the following paragraph: –

St. Louis, Sept 16, 1861 The Little Platte Bridge Disaster. Among the killed by the Little Platte Bridge disaster was Barclay Coppie of John Brown raid notoriety, together with five or six men with him, en route to join Montgomery’s Kansas regiment.”

(accompanied by letter Signed by  R. J. Hinton )              (Liberator, Sept 27, 1861, pg 2)