Defense of Slavery and Disunion

Jan 15, 1838, from the National Intelligencer, comes the report of an address by Robert Barnwell Rhett, to the people of Beaufort and Colleton Districts, upon the Subject of Abolition.

The speech includes:   “That the south has a right, under the Constitution, to the peaceable enjoyment of her slave institutions,  no one will deny;  and if the Constitution is perverted from the purposes for which it was made, and proves inadequate to protect the South from aggression upon this vital institution, none but an abolitionist, open or secret, in the North, or a traitor in the South, could fail to come to the conclusion that the Constitution ought to be amended, or the Union be dissolved.  To acknowledge the right, or to tolerate the interference at all with this institution, is to GIVE IT UP  –TO ABANDON  IT  ENTIRELY;  and as this must be the consummation of any interference, the sooner it is reached, the better.  …..”

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