Douglass returns to America


All our readers will rejoice to hear that Douglass is at home, with his family and friends.  He arrived in the Cambria at this port, on Tuesday afternoon, in a rough passage of sixteen days, but in good health and spirits.  Many are the events which have transpired since he left this country, but none more important to himself than his legal restoration to a place among the free citizens of the United States.  It is impossible to estimate the value of his labors abroad.  Long will he be admired and cherished by thousands in the old world, who have been roused by his appeals, and electrified by his eloquence; and whose co-operation for the overthrow of American slavery, by Christian methods, he has effectually secured to the end of the struggle.  We postpone editorial matter, to make room for some of the letters of our beloved transatlantic correspondents.

(Liberator, April 23, 1847, pg 2)