Dr. J. S. Rock on Unity and Equality of Race.

Dr. J. S. Rock, of this city, gave a very interesting lecture on the Unity and Equality of the Race, on Friday evening last, at the Hall of the House of Representatives.  Senator Taft, of Worcester county, presided, and a large audience listened with attention and interest to the speaker’s ingenious and well-expressed argument.  …. Dr. Rock spoke about an hour and a quarter, with scarcely any reference to his notes, with entire self-possession, in a very pleasing manner, and in a clear, distinct, and agreeable voice.  He speaks well.  It seemed to us that, in the treatment of some portions of his subject , he was perhaps the advocate of one side of his subject, he was perhaps the advocate of one side of the question, more than the impartial judge of the merits of the whole;  also, that he allowed too little for the influences of climate upon different nations and branches of the great human family.  His main point, however, was ably argued, and we think he established fully the doctrine of the essential Unity of the Human Race.    This lecture is far better worth repeating than many of those which are received with favor by our lyceums. – LI.

                                                         (Liberator, April 11, 1856, pg 3)