Drafting – the Duty of Abolitionists

September 26, 1862

The editor poses the choices for Abolitionists in response to the draft and the war.

“Already, some Abolitionists have joined the ranks as volunteers, feeling that, in so doing, they are justified by the nature of the rebellion, and the altered relations of slavery to the government.  There are others who, abhorring the treasonable conduct of the South in the strongest manner, are still precluded from entering into the conflict, so long as the government refuses to “proclaim liberty throughout all the land, and unto all the inhabitants thereof.”  …… The editor holds out a standard, “that every obstacle to CONSTITUTIONAL EMANCIPATION is taken out of the way, and the government is, and must be, if true to itself, wholly on the side of liberty…Such a government can receive the sanction and support of every Abolitionist, whether in a moral or military point of view.”

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