Extracts from Garrison letters, 1840 London Convention

The Liberator, July 31, 1840, pg 3 contains extracts from letters written by Garrison.  “The ‘woman question’ has been fairly started, and will be canvassed from the Land’s End to John O’Groat’s house… Already many excellent and noble minds are highly displeased at the decision of the Convention, and denounce it strongly.  The new organizers have done what they could to injure us, and have succeeded in creating some prejudice against us, especially among the clergy; but the effect will be temporary….. I have had an introduction to Lady Byron, the Countess of Brunswick, Mrs. Opie, Mary and William Howitt. Elizabeth Frye, etc. etc…..Slavery out of the question, our country is a century in advance of England on the score of reform, and of general intelligence and morality….. The Duchess of Sutherland, (who ranks next to the Queen), accompanied by her daughter honored us with their presence  ….. I shall probably leave London with George Thompson and Rogers, for Scotland  …. to spend a day with Harriet Martineau.

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