Fall of Richmond

War Department,     Washington, 12 M., April 3 

Major Gen. Dix: 

“City Point, Va., April 3 – 11 a.m. General Weitzel telegraphs as follows:

We took Richmond at 8:15 this morning. I captured many guns. The enemy left in great haste. The city is on fire in one place, and I am making every effort to put it out.

The people received us with enthusiastic expressions of joy.

Gen. Grant started early this morning with the army toward the Danville road to cut off, if possible, Lee’s retreating army.

President Lincoln has gone to the front.

J.S. Bowers, A.A. G.”

(Signed)                                                         EDWIN M. STANTON 

                                                                                             (Liberator,April 7, 1865, pg 3)