Faneuil Hall meeting, for Liberty Phillips, Remond will speak


The Mayor and Aldermen have granted the use of Faneuil Hall for a public meeting to be held on Sunday next, the 30th instant, at 6 o’clock in the evening, to consider the subject of providing additional safeguards for the protection o the personal liberty of the citizens, particularly in the case of those claimed as offenders against the laws of other States, and slaves.

The friends of freedom in the neighboring towns, as well as in the city, should rally to this meeting, and make it the largest that has ever been known in the old Cradle of Liberty.  It is really a highly important occasion.  Wendell Phillips, Charles Lenox Remond, and several other well known advocates of human rights, will address the assembly.  Let the women see to it that they are strongly represented on the occasion.

                                                              (Liberator, Oct 28, 1842, pg 3)