Free Negroes into slaves

On the Necessity of Removing or Reducing to Slavery the Free Negroes of the Commonwealth.  – If we have succeeded in making ourselves intelligible, it will be seen from our previous articles that in the plan suggested for ridding the State of free negroes, it is recommended that the hiring and voluntary enslavement features be permitted to operate for a considerable time  — say fifteen years.  At the end of that time, if all the free negroes have not voluntarily removed, or voluntarily gone into slavery, or have not been removed by the fund accruing from their hire, and the other sources mentioned, it is then proposed that those remaining, if any there should be, (which we think improbable, if a proper law be made,) shall be forwith sold into slavery.  — Richmond Enquirer.

(Liberator, Dec. 11, 1857, pg 1)