George Latimer case

October 28, 1842 

Latimer, a fugitive slave from Norfolk, Va., was pursued by his owner, James Gray, who had him arrested on a charge of larceny. A writ of habeas corpus brought Latimer before the court .Judgment of the Supreme Judicial Court is that he must remain in custody of owner’s agent, allowing time for said agent to  produce evidence necessary for Latimer to be returned to Norfolk as slave. The article is from the Atlas, and that paper comments:  “Thus is Boston made the slave-hunting ground of the South, and thus does the city consent to aid and abet the vilest of kidnapers!”   It has harsh criticism for the police, the city marshal, and all involved in the case .. “There should be but one determination among our citizens — and that is , that Latimer should never go back to the South.  Old Faneuil Hall is to speakout, on this matter, on Sunday evening next.”

 This issue also notes a meeting at the Belknap-Street church, at which Garrison, Remond, others spoke about the case, and the paper also includes an announcement of a “Grand Meeting at Faneuil Hall, For the Rescue of Liberty!”

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