George Thompson arrives in US


With emotions of gratitude and joy too strong for utterance, we inform our readers that this distinquished philanthropist and most eloquent orator arrived in the ship Champlain, at New York, on Saturday last.   For several days prior to his arrival, the New York Courier & Enquirer, true to its own infamous character, published several libelous and incendiary articles against Mr. Thompson, evidently for the purpose of stirring up another mob in that city.  ….. Mr. T. has already encountered some hostility in the Atlantic hotel, in which he had taken lodgings with his interesting family.  Well may the enemies of liberty tremble in view of his contemplated labors in this country!  The friends of emancipation will give him a cordial welcome, and bless God for his safe arrival on our shores.

(Liberator, Sept 27, 1834,pg 3)