George Thompson in Boston

Mr. Thompson in Boston

On Sabbath evening last, agreeably to advertisements in the public papers, Mr. Thompson gave a lecture in the Hall of the New England Anti-Slavery Society. Subject — The Bible vs. Slavery.  This Hall will contain, by close condensation, only about three hundred persons; it was filled to overflowing at an early hour, and it was with much difficulty that even the lecturer himself could force his way through the curious multitude.  Many went away who could not obtain admission…………..On the lecture we have only room to say, that it was a most successful vindication of the Bible from the impious aspersions of those who pretend to find a justification of slavery within its Sacred pages; and that it was listened to by the crowded audience with intense interest and irresistible conviction…… ……

(Liberator, Dec 13, 1834, pg 3)